Facility Management Services (IT-FMS)

Outsourced services providing skilled IT manpower for the management and operation of IT infrastructure.

Hardware Maintenance

IT-FMS includes the maintenance and upkeep of hardware components such as servers, storage devices, networking equipment, desktops, laptops, and peripherals. This involves regular inspections, troubleshooting, repairs, and replacement.

Network Management

IT-FMS encompasses the management of the organization’s network infrastructure, including switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points. This involves configuring network settings, monitoring network performance, optimizing network resources, and ensuring network security.

Data Backup and Recovery

IT-FMS includes implementing and managing data backup and recovery solutions to ensure data integrity, availability, and continuity in the event of data loss, corruption, or disaster. This involves regular backups, offsite storage, data replication, and disaster recovery planning.

IT Helpdesk Support

IT-FMS includes providing helpdesk support to end-users for resolving IT-related issues, answering queries, and providing technical assistance. This may involve remote support, onsite support, and escalation of complex issues to specialized teams.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

IT-FMS providers monitor the performance of IT systems and infrastructure to identify issues, trends, and opportunities for improvement. They generate reports on system performance, utilization, availability, and security incidents to stakeholders. 

Software Support and Updates

IT-FMS providers offer support for software applications and systems used within the organization. This includes troubleshooting software issues, applying patches and updates, and ensuring compatibility with other systems and platforms.

Security Management

Security is a critical aspect of IT-FMS, involving the implementation of security measures to protect the organization’s IT assets from cyber threats, unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks. This may include implementing firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, encryption.

Server and Storage Management

IT-FMS providers manage the organization’s server and storage infrastructure, including provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of servers, virtual machines, and storage systems. This ensures optimal performance, scalability, and reliability of IT resources.

Asset Management

IT-FMS involves tracking and managing IT assets throughout their lifecycle, including procurement, deployment, utilization, and retirement. This ensures efficient utilization of IT resources, compliance with licensing agreements, and cost optimization.

Compliance and Governance

IT-FMS ensures compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards related to IT security, data privacy, and governance. This involves implementing policies, procedures, and controls to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


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