Wi-Fi and Point-to-Point Networking Solutions

We follow industry standard best practices for designing accurate Wireless solution by following steps like Surveys, Planning, Design, Implementation and Post installation Survey.

we are offering end-to-end solutions on WIFI at any scale, at any place, at any given time. 7Array can take any challenge on Wi-Fi, whether it is an Enterprise, Manufacturing, Educational Campus, Hospitality or large spaces specially ware houses.

We help SMBs, Enterprise business and Governments with range of advance indoor, outdoor and cloud-managed devices to deliver desired connectivity services securely.

We Offer Deployment of an wireless network which requires an even greater specialized skill set due to the unique nature of the environment. We offer solution for Point to Point, Point to Multipoint scenarios where multiple challenges could be factor.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

Equip your workspace with high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi that supports the demands of your operations and provides seamless access for staff and visitors.

Scalable Networks

Our Wi-Fi solutions are scalable, designed to grow with your business and handle an increasing number of devices and users without degradation in service.

Point-to-Point Networking

Long-Distance Connectivity

Ideal for connecting separate buildings or remote sites, our point-to-point solutions provide high-speed, stable connections over long distances.

Wi-Fi Solutions for Warehouse Efficiency

Wi-Fi integration in warehouses offers vital functionalities, including real-time inventory management, asset tracking, and order fulfillment optimization. It ensures accurate stock monitoring, enhances asset utilization, and expedites order processing through handheld devices or wearables.

Secure Transmission

Ensure secure data transmission with encrypted links that prevent unauthorized access and ensure data integrity.

Managed Secured Wireless

Managed Secured Wireless for hospitality elevates guest experiences, operational efficiency, and data security in hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Wi-Fi enables seamless internet access for guests, personalized services, mobile check-in, and in-room entertainment. 

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